“Suffering purifies you if you accept it as God’s will.”

-JB Benna

Over the past two years since the last time my friend JB Benna, ultrarunner and filmmaker, and I spoke on this podcast, we have both undergone quite dramatic shifts in our personal journeys. Shifts that have been both good and bad but that have both landed with spirituality. Today JB and I explore that journey and how Christianity has come to play a major role in JB’s life. Now I know for some of you, reading that we are going to discuss Christianity may rub you the wrong way. However, I advise you to keep an open mind and listen with curiosity to this conversation that, when it comes down to it, explores the relationship between spirituality and ultrarunning. JB and I delve into what God and Christianity mean to him and to me, how suffering can be seen as a teacher, and the various forms that spirituality can take in one’s life.


Jarod Contreras

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