Each year in May, the Born to Run Ultramarathon Extravaganza draws people from the world over to a small valley, nestled amongst oak woodlands, on the Central Coast of California. After stepping onto that ranch, you enter an entirely different world, a world of passion and of community. Born to Run is a highlight of my year and is now much like a family reunion for me. This year was hallmarked by a juxtaposition between wild, chaotic moments, like wheelchair jousting, lucha libre wrestling, or moshing to Metalachi, and quiet, calm moments, like running 30 miles, making new friends, and simply hanging out. That dynamic shaped my Born to Run experience for the positive because it gave me a healthy mix of both sides of the spectrum. Today I tell the story of my Born to Run adventure, incorporating various voices from the event answering the simple question, “What is Born to Run to you?”


Jarod Contreras

Special Thanks:
Luis Escobar
Chris “Tarzan” Clemens
Tyler Clemens
Michelle Evans
Chris Harper
Fraser Koroluk
Kaori Peters
Scott Kufferath
Tracy Thomas

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