“You can really make huge strides just by sticking to the simple concept of consistency.”

-Steve House

This week’s episode is the complement to last week’s, as it tells the other half of the story behind Training for the New Alpinism and Uphill Athlete. Steve House was the climber who Scott Johnston, last week’s podcast guest, was coaching when they both decided to share with the world the training techniques that had been so beneficial for Steve. That idea eventually became Training for the New Alpinism, their new book Training for the Uphill Athlete, and their coaching company Uphill Athlete. Steve himself is an accomplished climber who built a name for himself through practicing alpinism, ascending mountains via the most aesthetic lines while leaving as little a trace as possible. While the idea of alpinism may sound simple, it is actually one of, if not the, hardest and most complex endeavors that a human being can attempt and Steve became one of the best in the world at it. He brought that experience in the mountains into his work with Scott to build a training framework that is both practical and beneficial. Today Steve and I delve into his story, the sport of alpinism, community, overcoming challenges, consistency, and how to train smart to achieve your goals.


Jarod Contreras

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